Abhayam Orphanage is home to more than forty seven children. They are an energetic bunch, filled with curiosity and quick to smile. Far from the sad-eyed orphans you might imagine, the angels at Abhayam live their lives with joy and hopefulness that come from knowing they are safe and wanted.
Some of our children are true orphans, having lost both their parents. But most arrive from homes simply too poor or too challenged to take care of them. All that changes on the day they arrive in Abhayam. In fact, from that moment forward, they are no longer orphans at all. They are part of an ever-changing family that encourages them to dream, to grow and to aspire for something more.
Look at their pictures and decide for yourself. Come and visit and you will know beyond a doubt. These children are loved and worth saving, every single one.
Updated on: 13 Sep 2016
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