The children at Abhayam Boys Town lead happy and cheerful lives. The orphanage works as a unit, with the older residents acting as role models for younger ones, who in turn respond with respect for each other. There are chores to be done and studies to take seriously. But music, dancing, games, and enjoying sweets are some of the children’s favorite leisure activities.
For Abhayam children’s education is of utmost importance. Books, tuition, and uniforms are high-priority items and are always at the top of her wish list. Even though these items are expensive, Abhayam sees every rupee as an investment in the future. Abhayam is also a firm believer that a high-quality education instils a sense of discipline and motivation to succeed.
Another priority is proper hygiene and medical treatment. Rains bring in flu and other contagious diseases in its trail. They need to be prevented or treated. Therefore we make sure that children drink only fresh potable water, bathe regularly, and always have clean clothing to wear.
Updated on: 13 Sep 2016
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